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A few clicks

instead of a thousand tricks

GMG ColorPlugin turns Adobe Photoshop

into a prepress mega tool


No tricks, no secret know-how –

but a lot more team flexibility

Processing image data for packaging print has always been a specialists job. This creates many bottlenecks when it comes to the planning of resources. The best experts are not always available, or they have too many other things to do.
  • Thanks to the user-friendly application of GMG ColorPlugin, anyone in the team is able to fulfil what used to be an experts task.

  • Spot color separation has always been a very demanding task for prepress experts. With GMG ColorPlugin, this has now become decisively easier and can be executed by anyone in the team.

Infografik Flexibilität in der Teamaufst

Repeatability may sound boring to most,
but the experts are very excited

Every re-print should be a joy. However, when it comes to actually doing the job, everyone knows the particular challenge: consistent colors. The solution: GMG ColorPlugin.

  • Traditionally, separations for a re-print had to be carried out manually – a painful process leading to different results each time.

  • The quality of a separation depended on the individual operator and his/her skills – but even the most knowledgeable experts cannot guarantee identical results

Thanks to the project-based workflow of GMG ColorPlugin, defined parameters are saved centrally. This data is available across different locations and ensures consistent colors at all times.

Digital print, ECG, CMYK plus spot colors:
many challenges and even more opportunities

While digital printing with extended color space is a growing trend in the packaging industry, the combination of CMYK and additional colors on conventional printing machines has been around for a long time. Innovation is always an opportunity, and efficiency is more in demand than ever – the smart solution: GMG ColorPlugin.
  • Consistent colors with unbeatable efficiency – RGB to ECG / CMYKOGV: just one simple mouse click with GMG ColorPlugin

  • Add spot color channels as required – it's straightforward, no need for complicated workarounds or repeated proofing, and certainly no nasty surprises on press

Vorschau Sonderfarben.jpg

Click image for feature demo

Fewer color channels, same

color results, in less time

Channel Remover.jpg
Bread and butter for packaging experts: deleting one or two channels from 4c image data. The nemesis: time

Up till now, deleting or replacing individual color channels while maintaining the same color result required a lot of experience and time. Thanks to GMG ColorPlugin, this valuable time can now be better spent elsewhere.

Click image for feature demo

Precise representation on screen

instead of countless proofs

WYSIWYG! Finally an accurate spot color preview in Adobe Photoshop

Countless intermediate proofs are now a thing of the past. GMG ColorPlugin offers the unique ability to judge the result of a separation directly on screen. The preview shows all relevant parameters, including the chosen printing process and substrate. The time savings are substantial.

Channel Changer.jpg

Click image for feature demo

"After the beta test, buying and installing the GMG ColorPlugin on every computer of our Photoshop operators has been a no brainer. The image processing is now much smoother than before. Both time and the number of approval cycles has been significantly reduced. The investment has paid off in a very short time."

Johan Heyrick, Proofing Manager at Athena Graphics

This is how you optimize your entire image data processing workflow and benefit from significantly lower costs.


Intuitive operation

Direct integration in Adobe Photoshop makes GMG ColorPlugin instantly familiar. The simplicity of the application ensures the even less experienced operators are able to safely prepare print data.


Central project database

By linking to GMG OpenColor – the award-winning color management software from GMG – all project parameters can be saved and retrieved at any time. Access to individual projects can be granted to as many workstations as you like.


Lean process

With GMG ColorPlugin previously time-consuming and complex tasks are significantly accelerated. At the same time ensuring the quality of the final results.



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